Windseeker Irish Setters

Anzac Puppies 2017

Here are Quailbanders Coco and her pups.

Coco is a terrific, relaxed mum doing really well feeding her tubby pups!

Born 25 April 17

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Newborn pups and new Mum!
1 day old
Coco and pups 2 weeks old
2 weeks and getting very tubby!
3 weeks old at the milk bar!
3 weeks with their very good Mum!
Zing in the sun!
5 weeks
Moak 5 weeks
Clem and some boys
Clive 5 weeks
Cobber 5 weeks
Cobber and kids
Clemi again
Tubbs 5 weeks
Zing 5 weeks
Moak and kids
Clemi 5 weeks
Clemi - the last straw?
Chip 6 weeks
6 weeks old, taken at sunset.
The whole crew snuggles up at sunset!
Freddie 6 weeks
Chip 9 weeks
What is Chip doing now?

He is being trained by his new owner as a Wildlife Detection Dog.

See the results of his training for food avoidance on facebook.
Chippy3 an extra bright and intelligent boy!
Chip 4
Clive closer






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