Windseeker Irish Setters

Victorybee Litter Two - Sept 2018

The latest pics of the pups are just over 6 weeks.

They do have weird names! They are based on the shape of white on their chests - they are puppy names, not the names they will be called!

They have all been through vet checks, vaccinations and are now microchipped.

All puppies have homes but won't start to go until 8 weeks.  Puppies flying will go later.


Click each link to view larger photo.

Stunning boy, Ned, father of the pups
Ned and Dave on the move!
Blossie, the good mum, the morning after!
Blossie and Babes 10 days old
Blossie and pups almost 2 weeks old today 23/9
Puppies Wednesday night 3/10/18
Blossie and puppies on Fri 5/10
Puppies Fri 5/10
Saturday 6 Oct
First one out of their den now the barriers are down!
Sat 6 Oct
Little girl Dot, 5 weeks old, 15 oct
Pups 5 weeks old
Food time! 5 weeks old

Berry (girl) just over 6 weeks
Yott (boy) just over 6 weeks
Spot (boy) just over 6 weeks
Angle (male) just over 6 weeks
Bloon (girl) just over 6 weeks
Fleck (girl) just over 6 weeks
Hoop (girl) just over 6 weeks
Chevy (girl) just over 6 weeks
Chevy and her Mum, Blossie.
8 weeks
Breanne (Bloon) and Blossie
8 weeks



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