Windseeker Irish Setters

Dora and Chip's puppies 2020 - 2021

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New born puppies
1 week old
1 week old
11 days old & eyes starting to open
The sleeping puppy pack
There is a plate of food under here!
Pups are growing! 2 plates of food!
Although there is a shadow, you can see they still love Mum's milk!
Brotherly Love
Aunty Dallas is babysitting
A pool of puppies after lunch
Beautiful boy
Kiri and her new best friend Zita.
Bo who is a new best friend to Clive
Cheri dragging her stick around the yard

Derek and Puss
Clive (3) and Bo haven't stopped playing since Bo arrived!
Cheri continuing exploring
Kiri and her toys
Kiri learning to travel with Zita
Derek and Puss
Cheri in her Weatherbeeta coat.
Seam split for harness
Cheri wanting to play
Cheri on lead, Lilly and Lewin behind
Cheri, Lilly and Lewin
Derek in snow in his backyard
Derek enjoying the snow.
Clancy 9 months
Clancy on the paddle board



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