Windseeker Irish Setters


Take a look at Gracie's and Remi's beautiful puppies.

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Our puppies are raised in the house as part of our family and includes our adult setters as well. 

At 6 weeks they started to go down to the puppy yard for an increasing number of hours each day and we go and spend time with them down there.  In the late afternoon they come back up into the house and sleep at night in a playpen in the family room.  They are well socialised and look for human company.  They want to love and please you and want love in return.

They will enjoy going to dog club and on outings with their owners.  We ask that our healthy, happy puppies are trained so they enjoy their life with you. 


Gracie and pups at 1 week
6 days later
Pups are growing
3 weeks old
Pups interacting
I have to retreive this dummy!
Yummy chicken necks
Grandma Rose is washing me
Lilly playing with a knotted washer
Bones are good too
Better catch a nap
Hi there
The puppy house is fun
The big dogs watch us
We can play in the dirt
Uncle Gritty watches the boundaries
Uncle Gus does too
Interesting smells
Water play
Grandma teaches us about sticks
And looks after us sometimes
We dig
We swing on the trees
We sleep
Puppies in the playpen inside
Windseeker Lochlainn
Windseeker Lilly Rose
Lilly has climbed on Lochie
Lilly Rose
Lilly Rose at her first show. She won Best of Breed
Leofwine with Rosie after his first session at dog club



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