Windseeker Irish Setters

Fun with Rua and Moya

Rua and Moya are sisters from the Columcille litter owned by Irene and Mike and their older dog Shuna in WA.

These pics show their development into wonderful companions.  The love, training and time put into these pups has made them very comfortable with their place in the family heirachy which is reflected in their behaviour.  These pups are extremely active and very obedient.

Click each link to view larger photo.

Meeting Joe the horse
Maybe we could play
Beginning training - sit
Shuna has her turn
Shuna finishing
Pups watching Shuna
Looking with Shuna
Just hiding
On point
Sticks are fun
Rua stalking her sister
With Larry the lamb
Moya on point
Playing together
Agile games
Long legs now
Energtic & agile
so many scents
and birds
great recalls - even from other dogs
Heading for home
and Shuna
A water stop
and off again
Rest in the sun, Rua closest
or on each other.
Rua with her toys
At the markets with Mike
Calm well behaved pups
Playing with Shuna, beautiful coats
Rua, the seal.


Where's Moya?
Are you getting my dinner?
Waiting for OK.
Moya behind, Rua front
Rua and Moya having a drink
Rua (left) and Moya
Moya behind, Rua front
Moya - pure joy




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